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Maddenvip Jul 24 '17

Initially the conversation turned to NBA Live Mobile Coins (rather cheekily) fishing for hints that the Treyarch team might be exploring VR right this second for a future Call of Duty project but Leslie was fairly forthcoming with setting out the developers stall on that particular area of research:"VR is really exciting, but honestly, we're not at that stage where we can tackle it," explained Leslie."It's not to say we're not going to do it, and we can't comment on that yes or no, because the technology is fantastic.


"Sony gave us a load of Madden NFL 18 Coins dev kits early on and we were looking at these things as if the sky was the limit, butit's also really tough."I'm sure Infinity Ward is going to run into this with their upcoming VR experience, but the big question is how do you give a great VR experience that players are going to respond to?"Right now, we're not taking on that challenge, but it is something the guys at Treyarch are very excited about."


Activision Miles Leslie, Multiplayer Producer at Treyarch The issue then becomes how do you give Call of Duty players a 'good' VR experience? This as it turns out is a problem rooted in the games commitment to smooth 60 Frames Per Second gameplay and an issue Leslie doesn't have a solution for."The biggest problem is performance," Leslie tells us. "This is why you have Neo coming out and the new Xbox getting more power."


"Call of Duty Multiplayer is  mmogo a 60 FPS game, that's how it is. But VR is a tremendous burden and that would mean we couldn't hit that target."We've had a little experience, as we did full 3D for Black Ops 2 - where you could play the whole game in 3D - but that meant it ran at 30 FPS."So you instantly have this problem of 'oh yea it's cool in VR' but it's not 60 FPS, which is not the authentic Call of Duty MP experience."Where are we getting the extra power? You have to start talking about having to cut things, and its not a good experience."